Collaboration and Communication Equals Successful Outcomes

A Collaborative, Effective Approach


At Balance House, we believe in individualized treatment planning, intensive family involvement and collaboration with professionals. Having a professional alliance as we walk patients and families through this difficult time is crucial and we want you with us every step of the way. This includes weekly progress reports and phone calls and/or whatever you need that will support your family member’s success. Discharge planning and reintegration back to the community is high on our priority list and we will collaborate with you as we discuss the next phases of treatment.

Long-Term Treatment

Research has shown time and time again that long-term treatment works. What do we mean by long-term treatment? Titrated clinical services are provided in all four levels of care (phase 1, extended care, structured sober living, and transitional living) so that we can get the mind (thinking), the heart (emotional stability), and the feet (action-based programming) all moving in the same direction. This requires our team to observe benchmarks (Is he going to school? Is he smiling more often than frowning? Is he cleaning his room? Is he telling the truth? Is he laughing? Is he home by curfew, for Phases II and III? Is he saving money and sticking to his budget? Etc) that clearly show where in our program he will be successful, and when he is ready to leave. Such benchmarks are based on the Balance House Philosophy (what we’ve seen work), what you, the professional, recommend, what the family would like to see, and most importantly, what the client’s wishes are. When patients stay for our full continuum of care, they leave with over one year of sobriety, employment, healthier relationships, and self-sufficiency. With that being said, we also understand that every person is different and there is no “one size fits all.” We also understand telling someone they are coming to treatment for a year can be terrifying and we are happy to work with them at any stage. If it is only 30 days to start, that is okay. Our clinical team and medical director can assess the patient’s level of functioning and treatment needs to determine where the patient is and how to set them up for success.

We have previously been critical of the addiction treatment profession, but we must acknowledge and express our great respect for other programs and professionals who work tirelessly in this field. Many of these individuals and programs have given us their time, expertise, supervision, and knowledge base. Thanks in part to them, we were able to stand on their shoulders while we were designing some aspects of our clinical approach.

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