Individualized Care

What Is Individualized Care?

What does “individualized care” even mean? Besides making compelling copy for marketing emails and a slick-sounding buzzword, what does it actually look like? Balance House is structured to provide a baseline of support and guidance to our clients in ways that make sense for each individual client—we are here to meet a client where he is, and to support him in ways that make sense for his life, his hopes, and his dreams.

There are certainly clinical “best practices,” as well as evidence-based principles, but the best way to support our clients is by helping them to build lives that make sense to them, not to their therapist or their peers. This means we need a client’s input on what he wants to work on in his life, in treatment, and what kind of man he wants to be.

Our goal is to create an environment that is able to meet the client’s needs (and aspirations) without treating them like a number. That might mean finishing school, or it might mean starting it. It might mean managing medications, it might mean getting off of them. It might be learning how to fly fish, or how to play the guitar, or just how to socialize again. It all depends on each, individual client and what he wants to accomplish.

Fully Individualized Addiction Treatment

At Balance House, treatment is tailored to your personal needs and circumstances. Contacts us to design your treatment plan today.