Individualized Care

What Is Individualized Care?

What does this mean? Seems like a catchy thing to say and a great marketing tactic. Well, that can be true for some, but not all. We are structured and able to meet a client exactly where they are at while developing a program around what they want in their life.

Many times we are told that a program must look “a certain way” We humbly disagree. There are certain elements that are best practices and research-based, and most important where we stand is a client’s input into what he wants to work on in his life, in his treatment, and what type of man he wants to be.

We are able to provide an environment that is able to meet the client’s needs while treating them as a person and not a number. This can include finishing school, academic support, a certain level of medical complications, medication management, and basically whatever a guy may need, obviously within reason.

Fully Individualized Addiction Treatment

At Balance House, treatment is tailored to your personal needs and circumstances. Contacts us to design your treatment plan today.