Balance House Beliefs

Balance House Beliefs

As we began the process of writing the copy for this website, much of the discussion was who we were writing to. It didn’t take long to determine it was you, the potential member of those of us who struggle with drugs, alcohol, mental health issues, or just life in general. Maybe this is your first-time seeking treatment, maybe it’s your 10th. Regardless, it doesn’t matter. What does matter is something is not quite right within…you feel it but can’t describe it. It hurts, but you can’t grab on to it. If it’s anything like our experience, what you are feeling—probably—is like you are in the loneliest place on Earth. Yeah, man, it’s times like these when the skin is hard to live within. We are sorry about that. We know exactly what that’s like. We’re with you, brother.

EVNSQ is not something we think you have experience with, whether this is your first time or your 10th. Below are what we believe. Maybe they speak to you, maybe they don’t:

  • You’re not as broken as you think you are.
  • You’re brilliant, but maybe feel like a fraud.
  • Treatment doesn’t need to constantly be about what’s wrong. It can also focus on what’s right.
  • Treatment doesn’t have to consist of being held up in a group room many hours a day.
  • Friends and constant support are vital.
  • Being able to speak to the CEO and others who own the program is important.
  • Dealing with the owners at all times and at every level is important.
  • We know we don’t know everything and we are not afraid to admit it.
  • There are questions you are afraid to ask.
  • Flexibility and focus on what works for you is vital.
  • “One size fits all” usually means ill-fitting.
  • You are capable, more than you even know.
  • Early recovery is brutal… and terrifying.
  • All we care about is you being a man of your word.
  • There are no investors. The funds were ours and we also operate it as such.
  • All you need is a sense of humor and the desire to change something.
  • It is not our job to tell you you’re an addict or alcoholic. That is up to you.
  • We are here to help you change.

There is therapy, absolutely. You will also have a primary therapist. But you will also have options like learning how to mix music, time to write, digital art, or maybe even learn how to build an engine, all of which will be intertwined into your therapeutic experience. It’s not all about what got you here. We see it as where you want to go that truly matters.

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