Family Involvement: You Need Support, Too

Growing and Healing Together

We absolutely believe in the family being a part of this process. We want you to know we are with you. To start this journey together, we highly encourage family therapy.

First: We want you to have your own space and time to process what is happening. This is a terribly confusing and difficult time. We want to be there for you, too. Many times, family members need to be able to speak freely, experiencing the truth in the moment.

Second: We want to build a relationship with your family member who is in treatment. This is vital. We need to gain his trust. If he believes we will automatically tell you everything, he will not feel safe with us, which demolishes the therapeutic alliance.

Third: People who have been using substances aren’t known for their honesty nor are they always forthcoming with information. Many times, our clients do not even mean to omit information. This is one of the items we will need your help with. We don’t want to waste any more time and full transparency (by both parties) is the only way this will work.

Fourth: We ask for your full support. We also ask you to fully commit to the process, which we know will be supremely difficult at times. The hardest part for parents is accepting what is best for their son, yet feeling such suggestions are counterintuitive to what their beliefs of being a “good parent” entails. You, dear parent, have much power, yet it’s the genius of your son making you feel as though you have none.

We Put Families Back Together

Family involvement is vital to the recovery process. Call (801) 851-5260 to learn how you can help.