Benchmark Fitness

Fitness and physical health have been integral parts of my recovery as well as many of my friends in recovery. A fitness journey requires patience, discipline, humility and many other valuable traits. Most importantly, it asks our clients once again to be “A Man of their Word,” a BH staple. The process starts with building a relationship and getting to know each client. From there, we set goals and discuss aspirations. Setting attainable goals provides another opportunity to hold them accountable in their journey of becoming the man they want to be. With a fitness program, clients will have physical and tangible evidence of their growth, which will inspire confidence and a sense of purpose–all of which will foster a smoother and stronger road to recovery.

The mission of Benchmark Fitness is to create an even better sense of community that Balance House strives for and is one of the main components of recovery. Balance House excels at creating a sense of brotherhood and the Benchmark Fitness program only adds to that.

Clients can expect the following services:

  • Consultation to set goals and discuss aspirations
  • Education on form and the science behind working out
  • 1 on 1 personal training
  • Transportation to and from the gym if needed
  • Connection and accountability
  • Mentorship in recovery

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