Phocus: Harness Creative Expression to Boost Your Recovery


Photography offers many different opportunities to explore creativity as well as a way of examining how the observers respond to a person’s viewpoint captured in a still frame. We as humans respond differently in respect to the images that we like or dislike, are drawn to, and are fascinated by. One way or another, an image elicits feelings within us. It can be a memory, a dream, a reality, or a historical event. The photographer creates his canvas and has the ability to develop something that can cherished by him, as well as someone else.

Videography is our story that can be told through a moving digital platform. Videos and shows elicit emotion in all of us. Whether it be happiness, anger, fear, sadness, grief, etc. It can be a way to relate and connect with ourselves and with others.

This form of expressive therapy provides an outlet that promotes self-expression and can unlock deep rooted feelings of shame, guilt, and unaddressed trauma that could be triggering to old patterns of behavior and potential relapse.

One of the most amazing benefits of Photography and Videography therapy for addiction and trauma is that clients who have suffered from a history of abuse or other trauma, can explore, understand, and begin to work through their issues without having to directly talk through their experiences.

At Balance House, we want you to explore different opportunities to express yourself and become passionate about your life and who you are becoming in the beginning stages of long-term recovery.


Harness Creative Expression to Boost Your Recovery

Learn to Express Yourself During This Transformation

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