Family Overview

Family Overview

We would love to tell you something that would ease your mind… something like us having all the answers, but we don’t. Much of the information you have sifted through, your research and reading of multiple websites has, more than likely, left you with more questions than answers. Maybe you’re even more confused than before you began researching. Who can blame you? Honestly, anyone can have anything on their website. A severe lack of regulation of dual-diagnosis treatment has unfortunately created an industry when what we need is a profession. But how can you know which program is the best?

Well, the good news is the best program doesn’t exist. It is impossible to be the best because everyone is different. We are not a good fit for everyone and figuring this out requires us to interview the family and potential client. It requires us listening to you, seeking understanding of your expectations, needs, and wishes. We promise we will tell you whether we are a good fit or not. We care very little about filling a bed. Our main concern is keeping our program safe, admitting only those people who we believe we can help. We do not accept everyone into our program, nor would you want us to. The last thing we wish to do is to be another unsuccessful attempt for you and your family.

What differentiates us? Well, a few things: First, we want treatment to be way less of an industry and more of a profession. Second, we know aftercare is just as important as treatment. Third, time, just time is such an important part of the recovery process. We would love to say it is treatment and the “right” diagnosis, but dual-diagnosis treatment is currently rocking a 10% success rate. Further, most diagnoses can, do, and should change as a person builds sober history. Fourth, we believe self-sufficiency is vital for recovery. There is absolutely nothing less attractive than a 24-year-old man living with his parents. Well, maybe one thing is less attractive. Having to ask your parents for money to take someone out on a date…that definitely chips away at one’s manhood, no doubt. Fifth, regardless of whether money is an issue for a family (and it always is), parents didn’t work an entire career to pay for treatment and aftercare, which is why a year in our program costs as much as 90 days in other programs.

Finally (and we believe this is most important): Those of us who are struggling with mental health and substance use are not as broken as it may seem, or have been told we are. We are some of the most intelligent, resilient people on the plant who just make consistently poor choices because of our condition.

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