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Phase I

EVNSQ was our first choice for some very specific reasons. First, many of us in recovery, more so in early recovery, think of ourselves as either being worse than or better than everyone else, which is one of the reasons why humility is such a big deal in 12-Step programs. It seems to be a zero-sum game we live by. At EVNSQ, we take a person where he’s at, regardless of what brought him to us or where he wants to go from here. Everyone is on an EVEN playing field, no better, and certainly, no worse. This is important to our philosophy because beginning treatment in the here-and-now allows a man to SQUARE up to his life, SQUARE up to those who love him, and most importantly, get SQUARE with himself.

During Phase I, which, our men will be participating in 15-20 groups hours per week along with 2 to 3 individual therapy sessions with their primary therapist. Each client will meet with our Medical Director, Dr. Robert Simpson M.D. (who is Board Certified five ways and an addictionologist on a weekly basis). And although this is quite standard, certainly our goal is to not to keep our clients indoors all day in groups. Our goal is to always think outside the box, focusing on the innate strengths in each of our clients while maintaining a clear focus on evidence-based treatment. Activity is key and our therapy can and will happen anywhere and everywhere. Certainly, clients do not change through what they hear. Rather, the change is realized through their experiences.

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75-90 days

For instance, each client will receive a longboard upon entrance into Balance House. His first assignment will be to build and design his longboard to make it his own. We will utilize this as a starting point to allow him to begin taking ownership of who he is. We will then be taking our clients up Provo Canyon on nights with full moons to ride down under the moon light. Once we reach the bottom, we will then have a group to process some of the fears or hesitations they may have had. We will also be processing the feelings they had while the wind was on their face.

Therapeutic gains come while working through difficult activities. Installing a crankshaft into an engine block or doing inner-child work through our proprietary Digital Process Therapy allow us, the clinicians, to meet our clients wherever they are. But this does require posing questions to our clients about what has or has not worked for them in the past. Their answers allow us to make room in our treatment for many different options for them to choose from.

Of course, nutrition, exercise, sleep, connection, diagnostics, family involvement, and medication management as necessary are all vital components to the overall treatment clients receive.

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