Nosh - Nutrition and Food Preparation

Every important meeting, family gathering, as well as both difficult and joy-filled conversations, take place around food. At Balance House, we look forward to our daily mealtimes.  Not only do these give us a chance to eat delicious food made from scratch by our in-house chef, but also to take a well-needed break from the hours spent in group and individual therapy, working out, and adventure activities. Lunch and dinner are spent together as a community, including our staff.

Chef Nate, or as he calls himself, “the Lunch Lady,” strives to offer an eclectic menu to our clients.  Nate offers a wide range of foods each week, in an effort to add a little variety to the day-to-day activities of our clients. Meals can range from familiar comfort foods like smoked BBQ ribs and cornbread, ethnic foods such as Indian curries, Thai stir fry, bahn mi, and many other styles of cooking mixed in-between. In the Balance House way, Nate loves to introduce new things to our clients, but will also cook meals and recipes requested by our clients in an effort to give each client the opportunity to have a “taste of home.”

Our kitchens are located right in the middle of the common areas of the living quarters, and are open for client use. This allows Nate to spend a lot of time with the clients during their breaks and meal times, and he welcomes the opportunity to teach or collaborate on meals with clients, as well as share a little nugget or two about his journey while cooking with them.  He also uses this time gather any food requests our clients may have, as we strive to accommodate dietary needs, whether it be vegetarian, paleo, or something in-between.

Nate is very grateful to be able to do what he loves to do for a living, and shares that happiness both through the food he prepares, and through the conversations he has with the clients. He finds even more joy in cooking for those he feels he can really help nourish, and help get back to a healthy way of life.

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